U.S. Mobile Notary Code of Ethics

Adopted February 10, 1997

US Mobile Notary has adopted this "Code of Ethics" as a guide for Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP) and for clients considering using the services of a CMNP.

All Holders In Good Standing Of The CERTIFIED MOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC (CMNP) Designation Do Individually Agree As Follows;
  1. I will serve anyone who makes a lawful and reasonable request for a notarization.
  2. I will only notarize signatures on documents where I am an impartial witness, subject to no financial or beneficial interest in the transaction.
  3. I will explain my services and fees to the client prior to setting an appointment.
  4. Prior to the appointment, I will request information about the documents being notarized for the purpose of determining if I can legally notarize signatures on those documents.
  5. I will treat all information revealed to me as confidential, both public and private, and will not release this information to any third party without the express consent of the client or a court order.
  6. I will be honest and forthright in all my notary contacts and associations.
  7. I will conform to all regulations concerning the administration of my office as Notary Public for my jurisdiction.
  8. I will maintain in good standing my "NOTARY PUBLIC COMMISSION" with the appropriate governing authority in my state..
  9. I will maintain in good standing a valid "BOND OF NOTARY PUBLIC" assurance bond in an amount sufficient to meet state mandated amounts, if any.
  10. I support practice ethical business practives and will handle any complaints filed with U.S. Mobile Notary promptly and courteously.
  11. I will adhere to the word and spirit of the U.S. Mobile Notary "CODE OF ETHICS".

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